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Welcome at the Research Group Corporate Communication Systems

From Oct 1, 2017 Prof. J. Felix Hampe will retire. He will continue his applied research as an entrepreneur. He founded with former students the spin-off company QURASOFT, see for more details.

The research  of our work group at the Institute of IS Research within the Faculty of Computer Sciences focusses on "Business Communication Systems". In addition to general considerations on concepts, technologies and special communication infrastructures, a more particular topic are Mobile Application Systems and the use of Mobile Technology in everyday life. Furthermore this research group is conducting research on the technology aspects of modern network infrastructures and concentrates on the design and critical aspects of complex application systems based on this infrastructures.

The main goal and research topic is the design of value-added services in specific economic and socio-economic contexts. We focus our research on the health sector and the usage of mobile technology in health care and prevention.

Our english websites are addressed to partners in research and business. Therefore, we offer the teaching sites only in German (please switch to German language). To simplify the navigation on our website we have grouped the areas into research and business partners.