The Business Application Systems Research Group is currently involved in the following projects:


2C-NOW Collaboration and Coordination in Networks of Work (2C-NOW)

This project investigates transformations to work processes and practices in large-scale, heterogeneous enterprise collaboration platforms in order to obtain deeper theoretical and practical understandings of how collaborative work takes place within the digital workplace.


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University Competence Center for Collaboration Technology (UCT) powered by HCL

The purpose of this project is the establishment and the operation of a competence center for educational institutions. Its aim is the identification of a broad spectrum of established, as well as alternative technologies in the field of collaborative work. Further goals are the target-group-specific review of the existing knowledge of collaborative technologies. The learning-platform is complemented by international research projects in the fields of collaborative technologies. The findings of the different projects continuously are integrated into the teaching material of the business software research group.

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IndustryConnect is a practice-based research community undertaking research in the areas of digital transformation and the digital workplace. Launched in early 2015, IndustryConnect is an initiative of CEIR (Center for Enterprise Information Systems Research), a cooperation project between the Enterprise Information Management Research Group and the Business Software Research Group at the University Koblenz-Landau. The IndustryConnect community is led and coordinated by the CEIR team who are working with over 72 individuals representing 31 member organisations. Participating companies are all leading users of enterprise collaboration systems (ECS) and represent a range of industries, including footwear retailing, electronic components, sound systems, aviation, chemical/construction products, construction services, auto-motive components, public administration services and others.

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A Sociotechnical Framework for ECS Benefits Realisation (BECS)


The first phase of the DFG funded project, conducted in collaboration with 12 industry partners in the DACH region, resulted in the development of a framework and methods for measuring and monitoring the benefits organisations achieve from their enterprise collaboration systems (ECS). Building on the success of phase one, the group of industry partners has been increased to 31 companies and the focus is extended to examine the digital transformation process and the identification of the capabilities and resources required to design and sustain a digital workplace.

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