Research in Business Software

Research in Business Software consists of two main areas: ERP Systems and Business Collaboration.

  1. The competence area ERP Systems considers the central role of ERP Systems within the IT landscape of companies operating in a rapidly changing environment.
    The optimised introduction of an ERP System requires an in-depth view of the value-adding and administrative processes within companies.
    Supporting themes include: integration of processes and systems, business process modeling, evaluation of application software and Business Intelligence.

  3. The competence area of Business Collaboration deals with the company-wide and external view of application systems.
    Here, topics such as inter-organizational systems, document standards, business process integration and the use of Internet technologies are the focus of the research.
    The Business Collaboration Research Group focuses in particular on German SMEs and the potential for the optimization of business processes connecting them with customers and suppliers.

  5. The competence area of Collaborative Work/Enterprise 2.0 examines the potential of collaborative technologies for business use. Topics in this section include: Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Networking. The focus here is on relationships between communication and information exchange, both within the company between employees, and spanning across employees and suppliers, partners and customers.

  7. The competence area of Business Process Management (BPM) is concerned with systems and methods for dealing with business processes within a business context. In contrast to industrial plants BPM plays a rather minor role in service companies. The study of the application of industrial BPM methods in the service sector and the conditions for the successful implementation of BPM in service companies is a focus of the research group.