Julian Mosen

Member of the Research Group Schubert (Institute for IS Research)

Since January 2018 Julian Mosen works as a Research Assistant in the Business Application Systems Research Group (BAS) at the University of Koblenz-Landau led by Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert

Julian is the Head of Application Development of the University Competence Center for Collaboration Technology, core member of the Center for Enterprise Information Research and an active member of the DNUG “Fachgruppe Development”. While his research focuses on social documents in enterprise collaboration platforms (e.g. HCL Connections), he supports students in the practical application of HCL Domino for prototyping the latest innovative approaches in information systems. By this, Julian transfers theoretical and scientific concepts from the research field of Collaboration Technology into practice.

He studied Information Systems at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Campus Koblenz) and graduated in October 2017 with a master’s degree. His studies focused on application development and collaboration technologies.

During his study Julian Mosen gained valuable experience in a medium-sized company from the bicycle industry. He worked as a product manager four years and was in charge of new product development. In addition he was responsible for the administration of the ERP system and the online shop.


Research and Interests

  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Social Documents
  • HCL Domino & Connections


  • Exercise Business Application Systems (Bachelor)
  • Seminar Business Application Systems (Bachelor)
  • Student research projects (Bachelor- and Master)
  • Theses (Bachelor and Master)


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