Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert

Professor (Institute for IS Research)
+49 261 287-2520 Sekretariat (Fr. Cornelia Mc Stay)


Petra Schubert holds the Chair for Business Application Systems at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Campus Koblenz). She is the Director of the Competence Center for Collaboration Technologies (UCT) and Co-Director of the Center for Enterprise Information Research (CEIR). One of her main projects is the University-Industry Collaboration IndustryConnect.

Petra Schubert graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a specialization in information and technology management. She also qualified for the CEMS program (Community of European Management Schools) and received the CEMS-MIM Master degree after a semester abroad at ESADE in Barcelona. She spent her Ph.D. time at the Institute for IS Research in St. Gallen and spent one year as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. She was awarded the "venia docendi" (habilitation) by the University of Basel and was the first director of the Institute for Information Systems at FHNW. From 2009-2011 she worked at Copenhagen Business School in an international research project on the third generation of ERP Systems (3gERP).

Petra Schubert has authored and co-edited more than 10 books on the successful implementation of business application systems and co-developed the eXperience methodology for the documentation of case studies. Her research interests include ERP Systems, Enterprise Collaboration Systems and integration of large-scale Enterprise Information Systems.

For many years she has been actively committed to the creation of case studies on best-practice solutions and diffusion of user knowledge on ERP systems and groupware. The eXerience Initiative has produced more than 150 cases that are available in the two case study databases eXperience Cases and E2.0 Cases.


Petra Schubert’s publications


Featured publications:

  1. Schubert, Petra; Legner, Christine (2011): B2B integration in global supply chains: An identification of technical integration scenarios. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 20(3), 250-267. (***AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of Eight)
  2. Schubert, Petra; Williams, Susan P. (2011): A Framework for Identifying and Understanding Enterprise Systems Benefits. Business Process Management Journal, 17(5), 808-828.
  3. Schubert, Petra; Williams, Susan P.; Wölfle, Ralf (2011): Sustainable Competitive Advantage in E-Commerce and the Role of the Enterprise System. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 7(2), 1-17.
  4. Tanner, Christian; Wölfle, Ralf; Schubert, Petra; Quade, Michael (2008): Current Trends and Challenges in Electronic Procurement: An Empirical Study. Electronic Markets, 18(1), 6-18.
  5. Schubert, Petra (2007): Business Software as a Facilitator for Business Process Excellence: Experiences from Case Studies. Electronic Markets, 17(3), 187-198.