EU Project CUTLER: Successful first review meeting in Brussels

The EU project CUTLER’s progress was evaluated by EU project monitors and the project officer in the first review meeting at Brussels Coven Garden.

The CUTLER consortium partners presented the scientific development, and series of demos showcasing project achievement in the first phase. Institute WeST was represented by Dr. Chandan Kumar and Jun Sun. We demonstrated our work on data extraction, analytics (topic modeling, sentiment analysis, opinion summarization), and visualization of social data (Twitter, GDELT, News comments, survey data). The monitoring team applauded the developments and the quality of results presented by the consortium. Particularly, they found the visualization platform very valuable, which merges into single access point the sense of the economic activity, measures environmental impact, and societal consequences of policy implementation. There were fruitful feedbacks for the future improvements; such as the data correlation and use case integration of the different dimensions (economic, environmental and social) under a unified framework, and to include factual data (e.g. statistics on poverty, unemployment) to provide a sustainable analysis.


Date of news Aug 12, 2019 10:05 AM
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