Doctoral Examination Procedure

This page summarises the doctorate examination procedure. In addition, PhD students are well advised to review the official doctorate examination regulations ("Promotionsordnung")


Confirmation by Supervisor

A written confirmation to supervise the thesis, issued by an (assistant) professor of the Computer Science department to the PhD candidate, marks the beginning of the dissertaton procesure. 

Application for Doctoral Status

The PhD candidate asks the PhD board for admission to doctoral status. Via e-mail, he or she hands in an application at the dean's office, including (cf. § 8 of the doctoral examination regulations, "Promotionsordnung"):

  • proof of professional qualification (e.g. diploma or master certificate)
  • curriculum vitae with a detailed description of the previous education including the candidate's current address and phone number
  • indication of desired type of doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. rer. pol)
  • indication of the research topic and, if applicable, technical requirements to conduct the research
  • declaration that the PhD candidate has not registered the same or a similar PhD project at another university
  • thesis proposal in pdf format not exceeding 5.000 words (excluding bibliography) (download template)
  • name of supervisor

The PhD board decides on the application for doctoral status and informs the candidate accordingly. Applicants not associated with the University of Koblenz-Landau might have to give a presentation in the faculty's doctoral colloquium. . 

Optional: Immatriculation

PhD candidates can enroll as PhD students via the registrar's office once they receive the abovementioned confirmation of their supervisor. However, enrollment is not required for the doctoral examination procedure.

Doctoral Thesis

Once the doctoral candidate is ready to submit the finished thesis, he or she should contact the dean's office by e-mail, indicating the upcoming thesis submission and his or her postal address. The dean's office will then provide details on the further process and notice of fees.  

After notice and payment of fees, the PhD candidate applies for doctoral examination. The application should be addressed to the dean's office via e-mail and include (c.f. § 10 of the doctoral examination regulations):

  • Application for doctoral admission (including thesis title, date of doctoral status)
  • current curriculum vitae
  • indication of desired type of doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. rer. pol)
  • five printed and bound copies of the thesis
  • thesis in electronic format (pdf-a)
  • written statement regarding the authorship and submission of thesis (appendix I of doctoral examination regulations)
  • certificate of conduct not older than six months (not required if the candidate is employed in the public sector of enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Koblenz-Landau)
  • deposit receipt for payment of dissertation fee:
    amount 170 €
    recipient Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
    IBAN: DE 25 5500 0000 00 5500 1511
    BIC: MARKDEF1550
    Bank: BBK Mainz
    reason for payment KAP 0909 Titel 111 22 Objekt 1400990 Prom. Gebühr FB4

The PhD board decides on admission and starts the doctoral examination procedure. The board summons an evaluation committee and obtains at least two reviews on the thesis, at least one of which must be from an (assistant) professor of the computer science faculty. Further regulations can be found in § 12 of the doctoral examination regulations. 

Thesis Defense

The thesis defence will take place not later than six months after the thesis has been reviewed. The exact date will be arranged between the candidate, the reviewers, and the chair of the PhD board.. 

The defence consists of two parts. First, a 30 minute public presentation given by the candidate covering the contents of the thesis. Secondly, a 60 to 90 minute discussion between the candidate, present members of the PhD board committee, and present professors, covering the thesis and its related scientific areas. 

Immeadiately after the defence the evaluation committee will grade the defence, generate the overall grade of the doctorate, and inform the candidate respectively.  


PhD candidates must publish their thesis in one of the following ways (cf. § 22 of the doctoral examination regulations for details): 

  • four additional printed and bound copies of the thesis to be handed over to the dean's office
  • in a journal, by a commercial publisher or by print on demand (confirmation required)
  • or electronic publication via the university's electronic library OPUS (confirmation required)

Mandatory Reference Copies

Additionally, PhD candidates must deliver seven to eight printed and bound copies of the thesis (in the version approved by the evaluation committee) to the dean's office not later than one year after the thesis defense. These must contain (cf. § 22 of the doctoral examination regulations): 

  • a German and an English summary on one A4 page
  • a brief curriculum vitae
  • a title page according to § 22 (1) and appendix II or III of the doctoral examination regulations.

Closing and Doctoral Certificate

The candidate receives his or her doctoral certificate not before he or she has accomplished all tasks mentioned above.

With delivery of the certificate the PhD procedure is completed and only from now on the candidate may carry his or her doctor's degree.