International Application

Application/Admission Information for International Students

Dear Applicant,
thank you very much for your interest in our CS programs! Below, you’ll find answers to most of your questions.

Bachelor Programs

The Bachelor Programs are taught in German language only.

This is a complete list of our current CS related BSc programs (see also [4]):

  • Bachelor of Science in Computational Visualistics - German
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - German
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Management - German
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics - German

Admission is granted if you provide a highschool degree that is recognized to be equivalent to the German "Abitur". Additionally, you have to pass a language test (see below).

Master Programs

Among the Master courses, only the Master in Web (& Data) Science [1] is taught completely in English, all other MSc programs are held (mainly) in German language.

This is a complete list of our current CS related MSc programs (see also [4]):

  • Master of Science in Web & Data Science - English
  • Master of Science Computational Visualistics - German
  • Master of Science Computer Science - German
  • Master of Science Information Management - German
  • Master of Science Business Informatics - German
  • Master of Science eGovernment - German

Regarding CGPA requirements: For admission to our Master programs, you need an (at least) 3 years Bachelor degree with a CGPA above 65% („B“ or better, 2.5 or better in the German grading scheme, the actual conversion is done based on your local grading scheme by a conversion formula - the so-called Modified Bavarian Formula [5]).

Tuition & Fees

There is no tuition, but a semester fee of currently 227 EUR. This includes 10 EUR for issuing the student ID card (charged only in the first semester), public transportation in the city and the region around Koblenz, student discount for the campus restaurant, and some other costs.

Language Tests

For MSc WebSci, you have to prove English skills by a TOEFL or IELTS test. German is not required, but for sure, some knowledge of German is useful to survive in Germany ;-)

English language skills are required at the level of B2, which means that

  • a TOEFL result of 550 (paper based) / 213 (computer based) / 79 - 80 (internet based) 
  • a IELTS 6,5 points

or higher are mandatory.

The German programs require German language skills DSH, level 2 or TestDAF, level 4 - a Goethe certificate or other language tests are *not* acceptable.

All test certificates may not be older than 24 months.

There are no exemptions from the language test, whatever has been the language of instruction of your previous studies.

Application and Deadlines

Application for international students is managed by an institution named UniASSIST [2], [3]. You submit your application to UniASSIST, they check some prerequisites, assign an application ID, and then forward your application to the registrars office at Uni Koblenz. Additionally, the CS examination office has to agree.

The FIRM application deadlines for non-EU nationals for the winter term is June 15, the deadline for the summer is December 15.

Once you have submitted your documents [3] the application process starts. Please understand that the student advisors are not entitled to access the individual applications information due to data protection regulations. Information about your application status can be obtained online and via the registrars office.

Applicants from EU countries can apply until July 15 (winter term) and January 15 (summer term). The same holds if you already passed a "Studienkolleg" in Germany,

The application process takes some time, so it would be a good idea to apply early, especially when you expect additional delays, e.g., due to visa regulations. Therefore, we *recommend* to apply no later than November 15th for the summer term, or May 15th for the winter term.

Additional Resources & Links

Additional resources you might find useful: