[04WI2006] System Analysis and Mathematical Modelling

Prof. Serge Chernyshenko

Visiting Prof. Serge Chernyshenko
Institute for Information Systems Research
Research Group Modelling and Simulation


The course is devoted to consideration of a system approach in the field of social science. Basics of mathematical modelling and corresponding mathematical techniques will be represented. Different kinds of models, including nonlinerar ones, and methods of their use will be discussed; examples of models in the field of social science will be proposed. The role of computer modelling in solution of applied problems will be described. For different kinds of mathematical models the following aspects will be considered: field of application; mathematical methods; computer realisation. Outline:

  • Basics of the Systems Approach;

  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation;

  • State of Elements, System Dynamics;

  • Discrete and Continuous, Static and Dynamic Models;

  • Qualitative Analysis of Models;

  • Nonlinear Mathematics;

  • Models of Social Systems and their Practical Use;

  • Methods of Optimisation and Optimal Control of Models.



Duration / Credits: 2 SWS, 3 ECTS

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