[04IM2008] New Product Development

JProf. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt 

Ass. Prof. Dr. Mario Schaarschmidt
Institute for Management, Research Group Logistics, Technology and Innovation Management


  1. Introduction to new product development: Invention vs. Innovation, New products in consumer markets, business to business markets
  2. The new product development process: Idea phase, conceptual phase, development phase, launch
  3. Intellectual Property, Outsourcing and Out-Licensing
  4. Strategic Product Devlopment: Blue Ocean Strategy, Niche Markets, Two sided platforms
  5. Product Development with Communities
  6. Product Portfolio Management
  7. Technology Marketing

Required Knowledge

Broad understanding of issues related to technology and innovation management

Acquired Competence

The lecture is devoted to the development of new products (including new services) with a strong focus on the new product development process and technology marketing. In particular, the aim of the course is to understand the new product development process, to learn how to integrate the customer and knowledge of the customer into this process, to learn and apply concepts and tools appropriate for new product development analysis, and to develop specific recommendations and action plans for companies facing difficult decisions about bringing new products to market.


Assignment for a particular topic

Development of a business plan for a particular new product (group work)

Note: To pass the entire module 04IM2008, which consists of a lecture and a seminar, prospective students have to participate in the seminar which is scheduled for Winter term 2013/14.


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Ulrich, K.T. and Eppinger, S.D. (2007). Product Design and Development, 4th ed, McGraw-Hill/Irwin


Duration / Credits: 2 SWS, 3 ECTS

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