Health and Liability Insurance


It is very important that you hold a health (specially for accidents) and a liability insurance during the whole time you spend in Germany and / or in Europe. You can acquire your health insurance in your home country or you can get it through us. The liability insurance for a maximum of 30 days is included in the registration fee of the Summer Academy.


During the application process for our Summer Academy you will need to specify whether you hold the health insurance or not. If you hold it please consider that you need to send a scanned copy via e-Mail. You need to acquire a health insurance as soon as possible in order to be able to apply on time for your visa.


If you don´t hold an international health insurance, we can acquire it for you. We are offering the insurance services from the company Hanse Merkur. The price depends on the exact days you are staying in Germany and / or Europe. The total amount for one month is approx. 55 EUR.


Feel free to browse our website. If you need further information, we are looking forward to assisting you through