Program Costs

As soon as you submit your application, we will prove your documents and will send you an invoice via e-Mail. After having received your payment, we will mail you a confirmation letter, which you will require for your visa.


The registration and course fees include:

  • Booked Course(s);

  • Access to university Personal Computers;

  • Campus-wide hot spots for laptops (if you choose to bring your own);

  • Cafeteria card for meals at reduced student rates (refundable 5 EUR deposit for smart magnetic card upon arrival);

  • Local free bus transportation within the city of Koblenz;

  • Administration costs, information services, on-site assistance. Local students will also help you settling in.


The following table shows the total costs:


Administration Costs, social contribution, public transfer etc

€ 161,40

The sum of € 161,40 is non-refundable.

Course Fee

€ 175

The price is fixed, regardless of the amount of courses that you will attend. (This fee is not applicable for partner universities who are sending students as part of our exchange program).





€ 300    To       

€ 1,500


Depending on type of hotel and duration of your stay. € 300 EUR is the minimum for a four weeks stay.


Health and Liability Insurance

€ 65

If acquired, through us.

Day excursion, social events


€ 60




Costs may be subject to change !!!


If you need further information, we are looking forward to assisting you through