German Classes


Meike Pfeiffer
German Teacher


During our Summer Academy, we will be offering German classes free of charge! The classes will provide you with a short introduction to the German language and help you improve your German in a friendly atmosphere. We will cover different topics during our four sessions and focus on oral communication skills.

Depending on your starting level, the course outline might include:

  • Saying Hello and Goodbye; Introducing yourself and asking another person for personal information; important Questions.


  • Important places: Asking for the way and explaining how to get to a certain place.


  • In the Restaurant: Ordering food and getting to know German dishes.


  • Typically German: Stereotypes, German values etc.

This outline is preliminary and can be changed according to the needs, interests and abilities of the participants.

These sessions do not overlap with classes from the Summer Academy. Please consider that our schedule is subject to change.

Registration is mandatory through our application system.  

Please notice that the courses take place only during our Summer Academy, not throughout the whole academic year.