Competence Approach to building of educational process


Elena Durneva, docent of Sholokhev Moscow State University for the Humanities, director of scientific-educational center "Context-competence technologies in the professional education"

Olga Tsygina, assistant professor of Sholokhov Moscov State University for the Humanities, deputy director of scientific-educational center "Context-competence technologies in the professional education"

Irina Kuznetsova, topic of the session: Adapting Western European Qualification Standards: Experience of Russia

Sergey Ryabichenko



I. Competencies. Competencies classification

II.Competence and systematic activity approaches in education.

III. Methodology of competence models' development.

IV. Levels of competencies' forming. Assessment tools of competencies' formation level.

V. Building of educational programs on the basis of competence models of graduate students.

VI. Educational and professional standards: integration by means of competence approach.

VII. Adapting Western European Qualifications Standards: Experience of Russia.

VIII. Descript of RF National Qualifications Framework.

IX. The process of implementing NRC RF: results and required changes.

Required Knowledge

Some knowledge of basics of educational process

Acquired Competence

The course is devoted to system analysis of competence approach to building of educational programs. In the context of the course the definition of the "Competence as a result of educational process" will be analyzed, as well as the requirements of the employer to staff. The main approaches to exposure of the key competencies will be considered, according to specialty and / or area of professional activity, techniques of assessment the level of competencies' forming of students and staff.


Classroom discussion


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18 hours