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FRAGMENT: Effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on biodiversity and ecosystem services


Since 2007, we are studying the consequences of the fragmentation and loss of woody habitats (such as forest patches, hedges or single trees) in agricultural landscapes. Of special interest is the separation of habitat amount on the landscape scale from local habitat isolation (as a measure of fragmentation). As study objects, we planted thirty groups of cherry trees at sites that vary independently in habitat amount and isolation. The project is a collaboration between Martin Entling and Felix Herzog (Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


The following main topics are investigated:

  • Colonisation of newly planted trees by arthropods over time (John Herrmann, Sandra Krause)
  • Species traits and body condition of spiders (Roman Bucher)
  • Ecosystem processes such as pollination, herbivory, parasitism, and pest control (Valérie Coudrain, Sandra Krause, Sarah Rittiner, Sonja Stutz, Christof Schüepp)
  • Hymenopteran food webs in trap nest (Valérie Coudrain, John Herrmann, Christof Schüepp)