Sebastian Kolb

Ph.D. Student (Ecosystem Analysis)
Building I, Room 2.01

Research projects

  • NoViSys | Novel viticulture systems for sustainable production und products
  • SECBIVIT | Scenarios for providing multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity in viticultural landscapes
  • PromESSinG | Promoting EcoSystem Services In Grapes
  • BioQuiS | Förderung der Biodiversität durch Querterrassierung im Steillagenweinbau


Research interests

  • spider ecology
  • spiders in vineyard ecosystems
  • Arthropod biodiversity and natural pest control in vineyards



since 2018

PhD student at University Koblenz-Landau, Institute for Environmental Sciences, Ecosystem Analysis


Study of Environmental Sciences at University Koblenz-Landau (Diploma thesis: Influence of several environmental variables on spider fauna of forest refugia)


Mestre, L., Schirmel, J., Hetz, J., Kolb, S., Pfister, S. C., Amato, M., Sutter, L., Jeanneret, P., Albrecht, M., Entling, M. H. (2018): Both woody and herbaceous semi-natural habitats are essential for spider overwintering in European farmland. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 267: 141-146.

Pennington, T., Kolb, S., Kaiser, J., Hoffmann, C., Entling, M. H. (2019): Does minimal pruning and reduced fungicide use impact spiders in the grapevine canopy? Journal of Arachnology. 47: 381–384

Kolb, S., Uzman, D., Leyer, I., Reineke, A., Entling, M. H. (2020): Differential effects of semi-natural habitats and organic management on spiders in viticultural landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 287: 106695.