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Dr. Kai Riess

Researcher (Ecosystem Analysis)
Visiting hours: Wednesday, 11 a.m.
Building G, Room 106


Effects of forest liming on ectomycorrhizal communities

Crossing boundaries: Propagation of in-stream environmental alterations to adjacent terrestrial ecosystems (SystemLink) [Link]

DAAD Colloquium on Biopharamceutical Potentials of Egypt [Link]


Current Topics for Bachelor's or Master's Thesis

    Project 'Colorful Meadow Landau': Influence of reduced mowing on green spaces in urban areas [Link] [Link]






      since 2016 Researcher, University of Koblenz-Landau

      2014-2015 PostDoc, University of Tübingen

      2010–2014 PhD in Mycology, University of Tübingen

      2003-2009 Diploma in Biology, University of Tübingen



      Riess K, Schön ME, Ziegler R, Lutz M, Shivas RG, Piątek M & Garnica S (2019) The origin and diversification of the Entorrhizales: deep evolutionary roots but recent speciation with a phylogenetic and phenotypic split between associates of the Cyperaceae and Juncaceae. Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 19: 13-30. [Link]


      Garnica S & Riess K (2017) Pilze aus der Ordnung Sebacinales sowie ihre Verwendung und Verfahren zur Förderung des Pflanzenwachstums. Patent DE 10 2013 012 983, erteilt am 06.04.2017.


      Piątek M, Riess K, Karasiński D, Yorou NA & Lutz M (2016) Integrative analysis of the West African Ceraceosorus africanus sp. nov. provides insights into the diversity, biogeography, and evolution of the enigmatic Ceraceosorales (Fungi: Ustilaginomycotina). Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 16: 743–760.

      Garnica S, Riess K, Schön ME, Oberwinkler F & Setaro SD (2016) Divergence times and phylogenetic patterns of Sebacinales, a highly diverse and widespread fungal lineage. PLoS ONE 11: e0149531.

      Garnica S, Schön ME, Abarenkov K, Riess K, Liimatainen K, Niskanen T, Balint D, Soop K, Froeslev T, Jeppesen T, Peintner U, Brandrud TE, Saar G, Oertel B & Ammirati J (2016) Determining threshold values for barcoding fungi: lessons from Cortinarius (Basidiomycota), a highly diverse and widespread ectomycorrhizal genus. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 98: fiw045.

      Riess K, Schön M, Lutz M, Butin H, Oberwinkler F & Garnica S (2016) On the evolutionary history of Uleiella chilensis, a smut fungus parasite of Araucaria araucana in South America: Uleiellales ord. nov. in Ustilaginomycetes. PLoS ONE 11: e0147107.


      Bauer R, Garnica S, Oberwinkler F, Riess K, Weiß M & Begerow D (2015) Entorrhizomycota: a new fungal phylum reveals new perspectives on the evolution on Fungi. PLoS ONE 10: e0128183.

      Riess K, Bauer R, Kellner R, Kemler M, Piątek M, Vánky K & Begerow D (2015) Identification of a new order of root-colonising fungi in the Entorrhizomycota: Talbotiomycetales ord. nov. on eudicotyledons. IMA Fungus 6: 129-133.

      Sharma R, Xia X, Riess K, Bauer R & Thines M (2015) Comparative genomics including the early-diverging smut fungus Ceraceosorus bombacis reveals signatures of parallel evolution within plant and animal pathogens of fungi and oomycetes. Genome Biology and Evolution 7: 2781-2798.


      Oberwinkler F, Riess K, Bauer R & Garnica S (2014) Morphology and molecules: the Sebacinales, a case study. Mycological Progress 13: 445-470.

      Riess K, Oberwinkler F, Bauer R & Garnica S (2014) Communities of endophytic Sebacinales associated with roots of herbaceous plants in agricultural and grassland ecosystems are dominated by Serendipita herbamans sp. nov. PLoS ONE 9: e94676.


      Garnica S, Riess, K, Bauer R, Oberwinkler F & Weiß M (2013) Phylogenetic diversity and structure of sebacinoid fungi associated with plant communities along an altitudinal gradient. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 83: 265–278.

      Oberwinkler F, Riess K, Bauer R, Kirschner R & Garnica S (2013) Taxonomic re-evaluation of the Ceratobasidium-Rhizoctonia complex and Rhizoctonia butinii, a new species attacking spruce. Mycological Progress 12: 763-776.

      Oberwinkler F, Riess K, Bauer R, Selosse M-A, Weiß M, Garnica S & Zuccaro A (2013) Enigmatic  Sebacinales. Mycological Progress 12: 1-27.

      Riess K, Oberwinkler F, Bauer R & Garnica S (2013) High genetic diversity at the regional scale and possible speciation in Sebacina epigaea and S. incrustans. BMC Evolutionary Biology 13: 102.


      Weiß M, Sýkorová Z, Garnica S, Riess K, Martos F, Krause C, Oberwinkler F, Bauer R & Redecker D (2011) Sebacinales Everywhere: Previously Overlooked Ubiquitous Fungal Endophytes. PLoS ONE 6: e16793.




      Riess K, Schön ME, Ziegler R, Lutz M, Shivas RG, Piątek M & Garnica S (2019) Anybody seen root galls on graminoid plants? First steps towards understanding the evolution of inconspicuous Entorrhiza and its relatives. Talk at the XVIII Congress of European Mycologists, Warsaw & Białowieża (Poland).


      New Taxa

      Ceraceosorus africanus Piątek, K. Riess, Karasinski, & M. Lutz, sp. nov.

      Entorrhiza fuirenae R.G. Shivas, Vánky, Piątek, & K. Riess, sp. nov.

      Entorrhizomycota R. Bauer, Garnica, Oberw., K. Riess, M. Weiß, & Begerow, phylum nov.

      Globulisebacina Oberw., Garnica & K. Riess, gen. nov.

      Helvellosebacina Oberw., Garnica & K. Riess, gen. nov.

      Juncorrhiza K. Riess & Piątek, gen. nov.

      Juncorrhiza maritima Piątek & K. Riess, sp. nov.

      Juncorrhiza oxycarpi Piątek & K. Riess, sp. nov.

      Paulisebacina Oberw., Garnica & K. Riess, gen. nov.

      Sebacina cystidiata Oberw., Garnica & K. Riess, sp. nov.

      Sebacina flagelliformis Oberw., Garnica, K. Riess, sp. nov.

      Serendipita herbamans K. Riess, Oberw. & Garnica, sp. nov.

      Talbotiomycetaceae K. Riess, R. Bauer, R. Kellner, Piątek, Vánky & Begerow, fam. nov.

      Talbotiomycetales K. Riess, R. Bauer, R. Kellner, Piątek, Vánky & Begerow, ord. nov.

      Uleiellales Garnica, K. Riess, M. Schön, H. Butin, M. Lutz, Oberw., R. Bauer, ord. nov.