Studies on the reintroduction of allis shad in River Rhine



In close cooperation with the LIFE+ project „Conservation and restoration of the Allis shad in the Gironde and Rhine watersheds“ we try to optimize the quality of Allis shad larvae aimed for restocking in the River Rhine, by improving rearing conditions in closed recirculation aquaculture systems as well as by exploring the possibility of extensive pond culture.

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Based on protocols developed in the LIFE Allis shad hatchery of Bruch (France) we are planning to conduct feeding-trials with live prey organisms and novel microparticulate diets to find out more about the first feeding requirements of this species. Also the chemical marking procedures typically involved in any reintroduction programme for fish lie in the scope of our research and we are investigating the effects of chemical marking on the ability of fish to survive in the wild.

Also the feeding behaviour in an natural environment lies in the scope of our research and we are going to use stable isotope analysis as well as novel molecular tools to identify the Allis shad´s prey preferences in rivers the Garonne and Rhine.

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Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd as superior fisheries authority of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate

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Matthias Hundt

Dr. René Gergs