Lara Graf

Master student

Population dynamics of the reintroduced European pond turtle in Neuburg/Rhein

Lara’s Master thesis aims to assess the ecological functioning of a captive bred population of Emys orbicularis reintroduced to the wetland surrounding Neuburg am Rhein in 2017. To do this, Lara will evaluate: (1) population health, using a combination of demographic and biometric measures, (2) habitat use, by identifying and characterizing the aquatic and terrestrial habitats mainly exploited by Emys including nesting sites, sun basking areas, and key movement corridors, and (3) trophic links to other species, using fecal samples collected from Emys orbicularis and its predators, with particular focus on establishing whether a trophic link exists between Emys orbicularis and the invasive kaliko crayfish.