Dr. Patrick Lenhardt

Former Members of Conservation Genetics

Research Interests

  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicology (amphibians and reptiles)

  • GIS / Spatial analyses

  • Genetic analyses

  • C#-Coding


  • Genetic analysis of the european common frog populations in the winegrowing area Palatinate at fine spatial scale.
  • Analyzing the exposure risk of eggs and larvae of Lissotriton helveticus to pesticides based on the selection of oviposition sites made by adult females.


Lenhardt, P. (2018). Amphibians in the agricultural landscape.  (Doctoral dissertation, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau). Pdf.


  •  PP Lenhardt, CA Brühl, C Leeb, KTheissinger(2017) Amphibian population genetics in agricultural landscapes: Do non-visible barriers in viniculture drive the population structuring of the European common frog (Rana temporaria)? PeerJ. 3520
  • PP Lenhardt, K Theissinger (2016): Repeated randomized selection of genotypes for reliable population differentiation in data containing siblings. European Journal of Wildlife Research.  DOI 10.1007/s10344-016-1061-6
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  • M Hahn, PP Lenhardt, CA Brühl (2014): Characterization of Field Margins in Intensified Agro‐Ecosystems—Why Narrow Margins Should Matter in Terrestrial Pesticide Risk Assessment and Management. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 10 (3), 456–462.
  •  A Müller, PP Lenhardt, K Theissinger (2013): Pros and Cons of external swabbing in amphibians. European Journal of Wildlife Research 59 (4), 609-612.
  • PP Lenhardt, RB Schäfer, K Theissinger, CA Brühl (2013): An expert-based landscape permeability model for assessing the impact of agricultural management on amphibian migration. Basic and Applied Ecology 14 (5), 442–451.


  • PP Lenhardt, CA Brühl, K Theissinger, G Berger (2014): Amphibians and agriculture – chemical fragmentation of breeding pond populations. Meeting of the SETAC Europe 2014, Basel, Switzerland.
  • PP Lenhardt & CA Brühl (2010): Modellbasierte Abschätzung der potenziellen PSM-Exposition adulter Amphibien in der Agrarlandschaft (Weinbaugebiet Südpfalz). 4th joint Annual Meeting of the SETAC GLB and GDCh (Section Environmental chemistry and Ecotoxicology) 2010, Dessau, Germany (more Info)
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  • P Stahlschmidt, PP Lenhardt, K Swarowsky (2010). Profitieren Fledermäuse von künstlich angelegten Kleingewässern in der Agralandschaft? Poster Presentation, 4th joint Annual Meeting of the SETAC GLB and GDCh (Section Environmental chemistry and Ecotoxicology) 2010, Dessau, Germany.