Dr. Christoph Stang

Former member Ecosystem Resilience
Building C I; Room 004

Research Interest

  • Aquatic Ecotoxicology

  • Pesticide Risk Mitigation

  • Environmental Fate of Pesticides

  • Analytical Chemistry (LC-MS)

Current Research Projects

  • Retention and partitioning of pesticides in vegetated flow-through mesocosms

  • Effects of aquatic macrophytes on the environmental fate of pesticides

Academic History

  • PhD-student (since August 2010); Insitute for Environmental Science, University Koblenz-Landau

  • Diploma Thesis (August 2010): Retention of biocides and fungicides in experimental vegetated stream mesocosms

  • Study of Environmental Science (April 2002 until August 2010), University Koblenz-Landau

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Christoph Stang, Matthias Wieczorek, Christian Noss, Andreas Lorke, Frank Scherr, Gerhard Goerlitz, and Ralf Schulz. Role of submerged vegetation in the retention processes of three plant protection products in flow-through stream mesocosms. Accepted for publication in Chemosphere.

  • Christoph Stang, David Elsaesser, Mirco Bundschuh, Thomas A. Ternes, and Ralf Schulz (2013). Mitigation of biocide and fungicide concentrations in flow-through vegetated stream mesocosms. Journal of Environmental Quality 42 (6): 1889-1895.

  • Mirco Bundschuh, Jochen Zubrod, Patricia Klemm, David Elsaesser, Christoph Stang, and Ralf Schulz (2013). Effects of peak exposure scenarios on Gammarus fossarum using field relevant pesticide mixtures. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 95 (1): 137-143

  • David Elsaesser, Christoph Stang, Nikita Bakanov, and Ralf Schulz (2013). The Landau Stream Mesocosm Facility: Pesticide Mitigation in Vegetated Flow-Through Streams. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 90 (6): 640-645

  • Mirco Bundschuh, Jochen Zubrod, Frank Seitz, Christoph Stang, and Ralf Schulz (2011). Ecotoxicological evaluation of three tertiary wastewater treatment techniques via meta-analysis and feeding bioassays using Gammarus fossarum. Journal of Hazardous Materials 192 (2): 772-778

  • Mirco Bundschuh, Jochen Zubrod, Sujitra Kosol, Lorraine Maltby, Christoph Stang, Lars Duester, and Ralf Schulz (2011). Fungal composition on leaves explains pollutant-mediated indirect effects on amphipod feeding. Aquatic Toxicology 104 (1-2): 32-37

Conference Contributions

  • Christoph Stang, David Elsaesser, Mirco Bundschuh, Thomas Ternes, Ralf Schulz (2011). Rückhalt und Verteilung von Bioziden und Fungiziden in pflanzenbestandenen Fließgerinnemesokosmen. SETAC GLB, Landau, Germany

  • Christoph Stang, David Elsaesser, Ralf Schulz (2009). Flow-through vegetated ditch mesocosm for estimating mitigation potentials of agricultural non-point source pollution. Poster Presentation at 3rd Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control Symposium WETPOL 2009, Barcelona, Spain.