Carolina Honert

Community Ecology & Ecotoxicology
PhD student
Building CI, Room 004



I finished my bachelor´s studies in “Biology (B.Sc.)” at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2017 with a thesis on "Experimental Studies into function and relative abundance of a splice variant of Abscisic Acid Hypersensitive Response11 of Arabidopsis thaliana. From 2017 to 2019 I continued my master´s study in “Biology (M.Sc.)” at TUM finishing with a thesis on "Reaction of adult spruces to drought – Gradients of 13C, 18O and the increase along the trunk". 

In my studies I have acquired a broad knowledge about anthropogenic effects, also in the form of pesticides, on insect decline and causal relations to climate change. One of my research projects focused on wild bee distribution, their impact as pollinators as well as their decline. I also worked on the subject of pesticide fate as a student associate at Landesanstalt für Wald- und Forstwirtschaft (LWF). My assignment was a detailed literature research and evaluation on effects of pesticides on non-target organisms with a main emphasis on forest insects and their ecosystem.

In August 2020 I startet my PhD in which I investigate the pesticide exposure of insects in the German agricultural landscape.

Research Interests

  • Insect decline
  • Pesticide fate
  • Analytics
  • Agriculture

Current Research Project

    Experimental investigations into the main risks of insect populations (InsectExpo).



    Lupp, G.; Förster, B.; Kantelberg, V.; Markmann, T.; Naumann, J.; Honert, C.; Koch, M.; Schreiber, R.; Pauleit, S. (2016): Assesing the Recration Value of Urban Woodlands Using the Ecosystem Service Approach in TWO Forests in the Munich Metropolitan Region. Sustainability 8, 1156.

    Lupp, G.; Kantelberg, V.; Förster, B.; Naumann, J.; Honert, C.; Schreiber, R.; Pauleit, S. (2016): Vorsicht – Kamera! Besuchermonitoring mit Wildkameras. LWF aktuell 111, 14-16.