Asawar Maknoon

Former Member
Master student Ecotoxicology


Becoming an Ecotoxicologist has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I have taken the first step toward fulfilling this dream by joining Ecotoxicology master program offered by Koblenz-Landau University. I am currently in the second year majoring master program in Environmental Science Institute – Landau University.

I did my bachelor in Yemen in the field of Environmental Sciences – faculty of Environmental Science and Marine Biology at Hadhramout University.

Current studies

Now I’m doing my research project on "The formulations of the Larvicide Bti and their effects on non-target organisms particularly, chironomids and amphibains" as a literature review.

In my project, I look for the different formulations of Bti used all over the world and how they differ in their effects on different species of chironomids and amphibians. I do this by collecting all studies were performed on the toxicity of Bti to non-target organisms “chironomids and amphibians”. Furthermore, I’m doing my internship in the same topic in summer.