Sara Kolbenschlag

Former Member
Master student


I finished my bachelor’s degree in “Biosciences” (B. Sc.) at the TU Kaiserslautern in 2016. My bachelor thesis dealt with a topic of cellular biochemistry on which I continued to work for half a year.

In 2016, I decided to change my focus to the environmental sciences and started the master’s programme in “Ecotoxicology” (M. Sc.) at the University Koblenz-Landau. In summer 2017, I did a three-month internship at BASF SE Frankenthal, where I had the chance to work autonomously on my own project about the impact of polymers on algae. My master thesis deals with the question if juvenile toads avoid pesticide contaminated soil surfaces.

Research Interests

Amphibian Ecotoxicology and Ecology

Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Current Research Project

    Avoidance behaviour of juvenile common toad (Bufo bufo) to surface contamination by different pesticides