Eva Eschenbach

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My way into the Master of Ecotoxicology was rather unconventional since I didn't do my bachelor in Environmental Sciences but in Forensic Sciences in Rheinbach from 2009-2012, where I mostly learned about analytical chemistry and materials sciences. For my bachelor thesis at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Bonn I validated a gas chromatographic method to detect Cannabis in blood and urine.

Although quite interesting, working at the Institute was very repetitive and I wanted to work in a field which is more connected to nature and biology which led me to the master program for Ecotoxicology in Landau. I am very interested in aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology so I did my AMEO (internship) in Switzerland where I worked in terrestrial ecotox (mainly with bees) and in contrast I did my research project in aquatic ecotox, dealing with gammarids and their response to mixtures of nanoparticles and heavy metals. For my master thesis I switched again to terrestrial ecotox and here I am now aiming to investigate effects of pesticides (Lambda-cyhalothrine and dimethoate) on bumble bees in the laboratory as well as their influence on pollination efficiency in semi-field design.

In September 2015 I will visit my first conference (SETAC GLB, Switzerland) as contributor and there I will have a presentation and a poster on my current researches for my master thesis. Wish me good luck!

Current studies

Lethal and sublethal of dimethoate and λ-cyhalothrin on bumble bee workers in lab and semi-field design


Eschenbach, E., Wollmann, C., Uhl, P., Stahlschmidt, P., Brühl, C.A. (2015). Toxizitätsunterschiede in Kontakttests mit Wildbienen und Hummeln unter Verwendung verschiedener Netzmittel. SETAC GLB 20th Annual Meeting (Zürich, Switzerland).

Poster presentations

Eschenbach, E., Wollmann, C., Uhl, P., Stahlschmidt, P., Brühl, C.A. (2015). Bestäubungseffizienz von mit Dimethoat und λ-cyhalothrin behandelten Hummeln (Bombus terrestris) und ihr Einfluss auf den Ertrag von Ackerbohnen (Vicia faba). Poster presented at SETAC GLB 20th Annual Meeting (Zürich, Switzerland). [access}