Verena Sesin

Master student


Currently, I am working on my master thesis investigating the sensitivity of native and invasive macrophytes to the aquatic herbicide diquat dibromide at the National Wildlife Research Center in Ottawa, Canada. Using test systems of different complexity, my research aims at providing phytotoxicity data for the tiered herbicide risk assessment in the context of diquat dibromide’s re-registration in Canada. The threat of pesticides to surface waters was also the topic of a meta-analysis I performed, evaluating agricultural fungicide nonpoint source pollution of global surface waters, followed by a comparison with regulatory threshold levels. By conducting research and challenging current risk assessment procedures, my goal is to increase awareness of authorities and the public about environment-related issues. I enjoy communicating science, relating it to ethics and conducting impact assessment – an afterglow of my interdisciplinary bachelor in science journalism at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

Research Interests

  • Plant Ecotoxicology
  • International pesticide risk assessment
  • Meta-analysis
  • Science communication

Current Studies

Sensitivity of macrophytes to the herbicide diquat dibromide grown singly and in mesocosms