Our research objective is to understand the role of the organic matter in soil for ecology and ecochemistry and the interplay between chemical, biological, physical and pedologocal processes.

Current research issues

  • Role of soil organic matter (SOM) for sorption and translocation of potentially toxic components in soil
  • Relation between macromolecular and supramolecular characteristics of SOM and its function as sorbent for organic chemicals and heavy metals in soil
  • Sequestration and physical entrapment in soil organoc matter leading to unexpected release or immobilisation of contaminants
  • Water repellency and physical, chemical and biological mechanisms leading to water repellency in soil
  • Interactions between SOM and water: Mechanism of wetting and swelling in soil samples


  • Research based on process-orientated experimental design
  • Development of new physicochemical methods to assess SOM (i.e. H-NMR relaxometry)
  • Assessment of sample heterogeneity
  • General soil-chemical and environmental analytics
  • Special theromanalytical methods
  • Special NMR methods (relaxometry, porosimetry)
  • Instrumental analytics (AAS, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, TOC)