Eva de Lima Fernandes

PhD student
Building I, Room 2.28


Research Interests

    • Anthropogenic stressors (eutrophication, neonicotinoids) in freshwater ecosystems
    • Bottom-up and top-down effects of biodiversity loss on ecosystem functioning


      • Lima-Fernandes E., Fernandes I., Geraldes P., Pereira A., Cássio F., Pascoal C. Eutrophication modulates plant-litter diversity effects on litter decomposition in streams. Freshwater Science http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/679223





      Academic History

          • PhD student in the group of Quantitative Landscape Ecology at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau (since 19.01.2015)
          • Researcher at the Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA), University of Minho, Portugal (2012-2014)
          • M.Sc in Ecology at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (2009-2011)
          • Bachelor in Applied Biology at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (2005-2009)