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Meldung text/x-nemerle Successful Interim Evaluation of the Klaus Töpfer Junior Professorship
On the 8th of July, Janpeter Schilling, head of the research group Landuse Conflicts was given a positive interim evaluation for his Klaus Töpfer Junior Professorship for Land Use Conflicts. All members of the wprking group congratulate on this result and look forward to another three years of collaboration.
Meldung "Climate, Change, Conflict" at Science Slam on Climate in Heidelberg
Jun. Prof. Janpeter Schilling, took part in the "Science Slam on Climate" of the University of Heidelberg with the title "Climate, Change, Conflict".
Meldung D source code Research Group Landuse Conflicts at Political Ecology Meeting in Sheffield
Jun. Prof. Janpeter Schilling, head of the research group Landuse Conflicts, gave a lecture on resource conflicts at the Political Ecology Meeting at University of Sheffield.
Meldung RG Landuse Conflicts at the Conference “Resources for a Social-ecological Transformation”
The group was represented with two contributions at the Second Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics, which took place from 28 February to 2 March 2019 in Innsbruck.
Meldung The Research Group Landuse Conflicts at the international climate negotiations
Jun. Prof. Janpeter Schilling and Rebecca Froesebparticipated as observers at the international climate negotiations.
Meldung AR archive Science Slam "Climate Change and Conflicts in Kenya"
Jun. Prof. Dr. Janpeter Schilling participated in the Science Slam on July 20, 2018 at the film festival NaturVision with his contribution "Climate Change and Conflicts in Kenya".
Meldung AR archive Jun. Prof. Janpeter Schilling gives lecture on "Environmental Change and Violent Conflict" on November 5th
Janpeter Schilling gives a lecture on "Environmental Change and Violent Conflict: Insights from Northwestern Kenya" at the international expert workshop "New Evidence on Environmental Migration and Conflict" on 5 November at the University of Geneva.
Meldung Jun. Prof. Schilling on "Klimawandel in Kenia - Schwarzes Gold, verbrannte Erde" in a ZDF Interview
Jun. Prof. Schilling interviewed by the ZDF on the topic of "Klimawandel in Kenia - Schwarzes Gold, verbrannte Erde".
Meldung "Climate change as a global crisis of justice and peace?"
Rebecca Froese gave the introductory lecture at this year's forumZFD action conference.
Meldung Presentation and panel discussion: "Climate change - justice and peace in transition?
Rebecca Froese was invited to give a presentation at the mennoFORUM in Hamburg on November 29th on the topic of climate justice. Afterwards she participated in the panel discussion and discuss the topic "Climate change - justice and peace in change" together with representatives from politics, media and practice.
Meldung Lecture "A Local-Global Perspective on Resource Conflicts using Northern Kenya as an Example"
Presentation on "A Local-Global Perspective on Resource Conflicts using Northern Kenya as an Example" by Janpeter Schilling, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker-Peace Lecture: „Scientific Peace and Conflict Research: Results, Challenges and Perspectives“. University of Hamburg, Hamburg. 27. Nov. 2019.
Meldung text/x-nemerle Science Slam "Will climate change lead to conflicts?"
Janpeter Schilling will take part in the Science Slam at the Planetarium Berlin on 11 Dec. 2019 with the title "Will climate change lead to conflicts?"
Meldung Objective-C source code Science Slam: It rains roses and conflict
Julia Renner is invited to present her research in an entertaining way at the Mainz Science Slam on January 22, 2020. It promises to be an exciting evening.
Meldung Citrix ICA settings file New Publication on Climate Change and its Social Implications in North Africa
How will climate change affect future conflicts in North Africa? Check out the latest publication by Janpeter Schilling et al. on how climate change may become an indirect driver of social instability in Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia:
Meldung D source code New publication: Natural Resources, Human Rights and Conflict
Teaching Materials for Secondary Education
Meldung text/x-nemerle We welcome our new Research Associate: Rowan Alumasa Alusiuola
Rowan Alumasa Alusiuolais is currently an Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow for International Climate Protection year 2020/2021 at University of Koblenz-Landau. Her research focuses on the potential of REDD+ on conflict creation in Kenya and minimising it while contributing to sustainable development at local level.
Meldung AR archive Science Slam: "Tipping points - or how not to fall off a cliff"
It was a great evening at the 32nd Science Slam in Mainz. Rebecca Froese presented her doctoral research in an entertaining slam.
Meldung AR archive New Publication: New Power Structures and Shifted Governance Agendas Disrupting Climate Change Adaptation Developments in Kenya and Uganda".
How important is climate financing in Kenya and Uganda? Which role do the international donors play monitoring the expenditures? Julia Renner discusses these and other questions in her recently published research article.
Meldung Change your mind, please!
On the occasion of the end of the Second World War 75 years ago, Janpeter Schilling takes a look at current conflicts in the world and calls for a rethinking of how to avoid and overcome them. He gives four central recommendations for action.
Meldung AR archive The Root Causes of the Crisis in Northeast Nigeria
Nigeria is confronted with numerous conflicts throughout the country. Our working group colleague and PhD candidate Frederic Kamta conducts research on the root causes of these conflicts and has recently written a guest featur for the Hamburger Abendblatt. We are also happy to announce his latest publication on this issue.
Meldung Applix Graphics image Thinking Environment and Peace Together - New post by Rebecca Froese and Janpeter Schilling on the PeaceLab Blog
Environmental peacebuilding combines environmental projects with peacebuilding. The German Government currently perceives climate change as a conflict intensifier, but it should also see it as an opportunity for cooperation to overcome common challenges and integrate environmental peacebuilding into security and development policy.
Meldung AR archive Fear for hunger not for Covid-19 in Kenya
Alarmed by a potential rise in food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, many developing countries are unable to mount special efforts to keep agriculture safely running as an essential business and markets well supplied in affordable and nutritious food. They are incapable to ensure food security for their most vulnerable people. The situation has led to civil unrest in Kenya and it is feared that its magnitude might increase.
Meldung chemical/x-genbank Lecture: „Frieden und Sicherheit in Zeiten globaler Klima- und Umweltveränderungen“
In the context of the thematic focus "Climate Change" Jun. Prof. Schilling gave a lecture at the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung (LpB) Rheinland-Pfalz on October 5th in Mainz.
Meldung Research Group Landuse Conflicts at the Political Ecology Network Biannual Conference
Julia Renner hosted together with Zabrina Welter a session on ".New National Power Structures and Shifted Governance Agendas Disrupting Resource Access". Janpeter Schilling presented a paper on "Glocal’ Governance of Resource Extraction and Human Security in Kenya, Bolivia and Peru" which he co-authored with Rebecca Froese.
Meldung text/x-nemerle New Publication: Leon Silva (2020) - Was treibt den Konflikt um den Tagebau Garzweiler II an?
Als wesentliche Konflikttreiber lassen sich die Zerstörung und nachhaltige Beeinträchtigung des Naturraumes, die starken Eingriffe in den Lebensraum der Bevölkerung und die asymmetrische Kommunikation zwischen den Akteuren identifizieren.
Meldung Podcast: Environmental Peacebuilding - A Chance for Sustainable Peace
Janpeter Schilling was invited by Rebecca Froese and Julia Renner to their podcast Fokus Frieden (Focus Peace).
Meldung Neuer Blogbeitrag: Goldbergbau im peruanischen Amazonas – Eine Bedrohung für die Menschliche Sicherheit
Illegaler Goldbergbau bedroht nicht nur die Artenvielfalt im peruanischen Amazonas, sondern gefährdet auch die Gesundheit und die Lebensgrundlagen vieler Menschen, die in und um die Goldbergbaugebiete leben. Die Regierung versucht mit der Formalisierung des Goldbergbaus mehr Kontrolle zu erlangen, während sie gleichzeitig mit Unterstützung der Umweltpolizei und des Militärs die illegalen Goldgräber vertreibt und ihre Lager zerstört. Bisher waren diese Initiativen nur mäßig erfolgreich, während die Menschliche Sicherheit in den Gebieten weiterhin prekär ist. Ein Blogbeitrag von Rebecca Froese und Janpeter Schilling
Meldung application/x-troff-ms CfP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
We invite researchers and practitioners from various fields and diverse cultural backgrounds working on social-ecological systems, resilience, tipping points, vulnerability, ecosystem services, bio-economics, environmental conflicts and migration. The symposium will be organized in a hybrid form, allowing both physical (most likely Berlin) and virtual participation and we will adapt flexibly to changing COVID-19 restrictions in September 2021.
Meldung text/x-nemerle New Publication: Water Resources, Forced Migration and Tensions with Host Communities in the Nigerian Part of the Lake Chad Basin
This study by Frederik Kampta, Janpeter Schilling and Jürgen Scheffran aims to answer the question of the role that access to water and farming play in out-migration and return in northeast Nigeria? I also investigates the potential of tensions between internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities.
Meldung Troff document New Publication: REDD+ Conflict: Understanding the Pathways between Forest Projects and Social Conflict
In this publication, Rowan Alumasa Alusiola, Janpeter Schilling and Paul Klär investigate the pathways that connect REDD+ projects and conflicts between local communities and other actors?
Meldung VCS/ICS calendar New Working Paper: Local Actions Against Global Dynamics - COVID-19 as a Catalyst of Social Transformation in the South-Western Amazon
In this article, Rebecca Froese, Claudia Pinzón, Regine Schönenberg und Janpeter Schilling investigate the question of how the pandemic has affected social-ecological dynamics in the south-western Amazon. Particular interest is paid to the impact of these processes on social cohesion and inequalities during times of Covid-19.
Meldung C source code New Working Paper: Funding for Forest Conservation - Trends during the COVID-19 Pandemic
In this article, Rowan Alumana Alusiola sheds light on forest conservation through the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) initiatives and highlights the role of conservation, sustainable forest management and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries.
Meldung New Working Paper: Silent Regime Change: COVID-19 and Lockdown Measures Strengthen Authoritarian Regime in Kenya
In this article, Julia Renner analyzes the economic and social impacts of the obligatory measures to prevent contagion and the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus and discusses the instrumentalization of police and media to oppress the opposition.
Meldung text/x-nemerle Science Slam: Klima – Wandel – Ernährung – Sicherheit
Am 24. Juni beteiligte sich Janpeter Schilling beim Science Slam des Futurium in Berlin mit einem Vortrag zum Thema "Klima – Wandel – Ernährung – Sicherheit"
Meldung Panel Discussion: "Understanding mitigation in the climate security nexus"
Janpeter Schilling was invited by CGIAR, a global research partnership, to participate in a panel discussion on how climate change mitigation relates to peace and security.
Meldung Presentation: "Social Transformation and Local Conflicts"
On September 14th, Janpeter Schilling gives a presentation on "Social Transformation and Local Conflicts" at the conference „Herausforderung Kommune - wie gelingt die gesellschaftliche Transformation?“ ("The Challenge of the Municipality - How to Successfully Achieve Social Transformation").
Meldung text/x-nemerle Presentation: Landuse Change and Social Cohesion
On September 8, our research group member Rebecca Froese presented her research on the relationship between land use change and social cohesion at the Earth System Governance Network's annual conference.
Meldung application/x-troff-ms Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
On September 16 and 17, researchers and practitioners working on resilience, tipping points, vulnerability, ecosystem services, bioeconomy, environmental conflict, and migration came together online to discuss the opportunities and challenges of social-ecological research. The symposium took place in the framework of the PRODIGY project and was co-hosted by the Peace Academy. We are pleased that some international guests were also present.