CfP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems

We invite researchers and practitioners from various fields and diverse cultural backgrounds working on social-ecological systems, resilience, tipping points, vulnerability, ecosystem services, bio-economics, environmental conflicts and migration. The symposium will be organized in a hybrid form, allowing both physical (most likely Berlin) and virtual participation and we will adapt flexibly to changing COVID-19 restrictions in September 2021.

The aim of this symposium is to contribute with the understanding of how different actors, social networks, policies and their implementation promote or impede resilience in social-ecological systems (SES). We seek to start an interdisciplinary debate about approaches that aim at operationalizing the SES concepts and assess resilience in specific real-world examples in a wide diversity of contexts and spatial and temporal scales. Acknowledging that the ongoing scientific debate about SES and resilience is very diverse, we include three thematic sessions to discuss resilience within particular SES frames and one thematic session on postcolonial contestation of western concepts regarding human-nature relationships and views on resilience and vulnerability.

Here you find the full "Call for Participation".

Date of news Jul 06, 2021 12:00 AM