Podcast: Environmental Peacebuilding - A Chance for Sustainable Peace

Janpeter Schilling was invited by Rebecca Froese and Julia Renner to their podcast Fokus Frieden (Focus Peace).

Environmental and climate protection, and renewable energies in particular, are promoted and at the same time are highly controversial. Projects often fail due to resistance from the population rather than institutional hurdles. Moreover, the one-sided perspective that climate change leads to resource scarcity and ultimately exacerbates or escalates conflicts often dominates. Can there be only one winner? Either people or the environment?
Environmental peacebuilding would clearly contradict this: Environmental peacebuilding aims to think peace and environmental issues together and to apply a more positive and less deterministic lens to environmental security. In this episode, Janpeter Schilling, Rebecca Froese and Julia Renner talk about the concept of Environmental Peacebuilding, discuss opportunities and problem areas based on practical examples, and ask how Environmental Peacebuilding can be successfully implemented.

The full episode can be found here.

Date of news Dec 25, 2020 12:00 AM