Change your mind, please!

On the occasion of the end of the Second World War 75 years ago, Janpeter Schilling takes a look at current conflicts in the world and calls for a rethinking of how to avoid and overcome them. He gives four central recommendations for action.


Firstly, there needs to be a rethink in the distribution of expenditure: Preventing armed conflict is easier and cheaper than resolving it. That is why we need a two-percent target for development cooperation.

Secondly, a rethink is needed in development cooperation: away from the 'watering can' and towards targeted cooperation with countries that are already particularly affected by crises, wars and the consequences of climate change, and countries where this is foreseeable.

Thirdly, the current focus of development policy on economic development must be replaced by the goal of reducing economic & social inequality in the respective countries & strengthening institutions that can help to manage crises without violence.

Fourthly, social problems in developing countries cannot be solved by German technology. A new high-tech well does not solve tensions around the control & distribution of water. Every measure must be carefully & sensitively embedded in the local social fabric.

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Date of news May 03, 2020 12:00 AM