We welcome our new Research Associate: Rowan Alumasa Alusiuola

Rowan Alumasa Alusiuolais is currently an Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow for International Climate Protection year 2020/2021 at University of Koblenz-Landau. Her research focuses on the potential of REDD+ on conflict creation in Kenya and minimising it while contributing to sustainable development at local level.


Rowan Alumasa Alusiuolais an Environmental Specialist with virtually 10 years of practical work experience in developing, managing and monitoring projects and policies within the East Africa Region (EAC). Her proficiency is in areas related to environmental conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, food security and community engagement. She has worked with several organizations including: CARE International in Kenya, World Vision, Tetra Tech and UNEP. Her education background is in environmental studies and community development. Currently., she is in her final phase of her master’s degree program in Environmental studies and Community Development at Kenyatta University in Kenya. She hs undertaken a short course in Climate change and food Security from Wageningen University in Netherlands.

Date of news Mar 09, 2020 12:00 AM