Dr. Anne Thielsch

Researcher (Molecular Ecology)
+49 (0)6345 953338 (Laboratory)
Building I, room 3.07

Consultation hour

Research interests

In general, my research is concerned with the origin, maintenance and change of genetic diversity of natural populations and the drivers acting on this diversity.
During my PhD studies I focused on the population genetic structure of three species belonging to the Daphnia longispina complex and inferred general patterns for each taxon. My future studies shall additionally encompass interspecific relationships as these also may severely impact the genetic diversity of a species.


  • Practical course "Microbiology" (M.Ed. Biology Secondary School; Module 10/11)
  • Practical course "Genetics" (M.Ed. Biology Secondary School; Module 11)
  • Introductory practical course "Microscopy and Biology" (B.Sc. Environmental Sciences; Module ÖKO1)
  • Laboratory tutorial (M.Ed. Biology Secondary School; Module 13)

Publication list

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