Dr. Susanne van den Berg-Stein

Researcher (Molecular Ecology)
Visiting hours: by arrangement by email
Building G, front entrance

Research Interests

My research focuses on the genetic diversity and differentiation of surface water and groundwater species, especially the taxonomic groups Proasellus and Asellus aquaticus. Various genetic methods, e.g. DNA sequencing and PCR restriction fragment length polymorphism, are used to identify species, uncover systematic relationships and study population dynamics.

In this context, I supervise bachelor and master theses.


    • Lecture "Einführung in die Humanbiologie und Anthropologie" (modulcoordinator for Modul 5)
    • Lecture "Pflanzenphysiologie und Ökologie der Pflanzen" in teamteaching with Dr. Dagmar Lange
    • Internship Humanbiologie (Modul 5)
    • Internship Pflanzenphysiologie (Modul 7)
    • in WS 20/21 Internship Mikrobiologie (Modul 10)
    • in WS 21/22 Lectureship at the university of Trier (Internship Humanbiologie)


  • van den Berg-Stein, S., Hahn, H. J., Thielsch, A., & Schwenk, K. (2022). Diversity and dispersal of aquatic invertebrate species from surface and groundwater: Development and application of microsatellite markers for the detection of hydrological exchange processes. Water research, 210, 117956.

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  • van den Berg-Stein, S., Burghardt, D., Schwenk, K., & Hahn, H. J. (2018, September). StygoTracing-First experiences with biological tracers in drinking water extraction areas. In ARPHA Conference Abstracts (Vol. 1, p. e30363). Pensoft Publishers.
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