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Completed theses


Regitz, Isabelle (Master thesis): Population genetic analyses of the invasive taxon Daphnia galeata in New Zealand

Koss, Sven (Master thesis): Comparison of genetic variability among Daphnia populations of various Rhine oxbow lakes


Korn, Anna (Master thesis)Reconstruction of hatching success of Daphnia dormant eggs in regard to eutrophication

Malagol, Nagarjun (Master thesis)Evaluation of candidate genes as markers for metabolic herbicide resistance in selected black grass populations

Schmitz, Jennifer (Master thesis): Molecular analysis of a Daphnia community obtained from a resting egg bank of the reservoir Kalltalsperre

Mandery, Katharina (Master thesis): Determination of the species status of Bryocamptus echinatus


Fast, Jacqueline (Master thesis): Species and populations reconstruction of the Daphnia longispina hybrid species complex using the dormant egg bank of the reservoir Edersee

Kaiser, Magnus (Master thesis): Monopolization in the Daphnia longispina species complex – a molecular analysis of the dormant resting egg bank from the reservoir Kerspetalsperre

Styra, Joana (Master thesis): Species status of Acanthocyclops sensitivus and its molecular basis of the adaptation  to groundwater environments

Erksmeyer, Maike (Master thesis): Population genetic analyses of the occurrence of Asellus aquaticus in Germany

Daumen, Rike (Master thesis): Study on the occurrence of invertebrates in a water supply facility in North Friesland with special regard to population genetic analyses of Asellus aquaticus

Theisohn, Tim (Bachelor thesis): Population genetic analyses of Paracyclops fimbriatus from three water supply facilities and their surrounding areas in Northern Germany

Jünger, André (Bachelor thesis): Analyses of a German wide data set of groundwater fauna and construction of a data base containing faunistic, genetic and hydrochemical data

Klotz, Nora (Master thesis): Population genetic analyses of Paracyclops fimbriatus from selected German sites and validation of a second test system for Proasellus slavus

Kühle, Leon (Bachelor thesis): Temporal changes of genetic structure of two hybridizing Daphnia species

Meyer, Anna (Master thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of two catchment areas in Franconia and Saxony

Kadem, Ebru (Master thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of two catchment areas in Palatinate and Upper Bavaria


Novacek, Lucas (Master thesis): Genetic characterization of Daphnia communities in German reservoirs

Schmid, Sandra Isa (Master thesis): Study on species status of Bryocamptus echinatus and population genetic analyses of Proasellus slavus from selected German sites

Brylka, Sabrina (Master thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of South German catchment areas of the river Rhine and Danube: Optimization of multiplex PCR for population genetic analyes of Proasellus slavus

Ekong Okon, Joy (Bachelor thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of two smaller catchment areas in the Palatinate Forest

Willmes, Vivien (Bachelor thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of three catchment areas in Upper Bavaria, Franconia and Saxony

Palumbo, Michael (Bachelor thesis): Study on groundwater fauna of the Swabian Alb

Küchler, Anna (Bachelor thesis): Optimization of multiplex PCR for population genetic analysis of Paracyclops

Roggel, Rachel (Bachelor thesis): Analysis of various parameters for method optimization using the example of Proasellus slavus


Friesen, Nathalie (Master thesis): Genetic characterization of Proasellus slavus

Fandrey, Lea Philine (Master thesis): The evolution of cryptic species - A meta-analysis across the animal kingdom


Bauer, Anna-Lena (Master thesis): Survival in the mud or The impact of irrigation on the genetic variability of earthworms considering Operational Taxonomic Units

Schulz, Meike (Bachelor thesis): Taxon identification of juvenile and adult earthworms of the genus Lumbricus using DNA barcoding

Mahler, Selina (Bachelor thesis): Taxon identification of juvenile and adult earthworms of the genus Allolobophora using DNA barcoding

Wagner, Meike (Bachelor thesis): Impact of irrigation on diversity of Oribatida mites in water meadows along the river Queich

Knell, Alexis (Bachelor thesis): Cytonuclear disequilibria in the Daphnia longispina complex

Kregul, Irene (Master thesis): Detailled analysis of seasonal taxon composition change and change in population structure of species of the European Daphnia longispina species complex

Hoffmann, Malte (Bachelor thesis): Modern taxonomy and cryptic species in Lumbricidae

Lüders, Dennis (Bachelorarbeit): Diversity of earthworm communities in field margins: Impact of distance to the field on biodiversity


Schiller, Vanessa (Bachelor thesis): Impact  of fertilization on genetic diversity of oribatid mites in water meadows along the river Queich

Chatzokou, Elli (Master thesis): Multivariate analysis of biodiversity in earthworm and collembolan communities

Nagel, Michi (Master thesis): Influence of irrigation on collembolan genetic diversity in water meadows along the river Queich

Kollárová, Elena (Master thesis): Influence of fertilization on collembolan genetic diversity in water meadows along the river Queich

Röder, Nina (Bachelor thesis): Molecular identification of Pseudocalanus acuspes in the framework of the project BIOACID II

Polcher, Marion (Diploma thesis): Genetic characterization of natural Asellus aquaticus populations


Wolf, Katharina (Bachelor thesis):Phylogenetic analyses of groundwater species of the genus Diacyclops: comparison of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers

Föhrenbach, Dominik (Master thesis): Genetic differences in and among populations of Proasellus

Goebel, Alina (Bachelor thesis): Temporal distribution of hybridizing Daphnia taxa in the oxbow lake Neuhofener Altrhein

Marschall, Janina (Bachelor thesis): Isolation and genetic species identification of littoral Daphnia individuals of the oxbow lake Neuhofener Altrhein

Balzer, Tanja (Bachelor thesis): Rearing and genetic characterization of clonal Daphnia lineages of the pelagial in the oxbow lake Neuhofener Altrhein

Bahrdt, Sebastian (Diploma thesis): Using DNA barcodes to analyse the fauna of aquifers

Rönn, Laura (Bachelor thesis): Seasonal changes of the pelagial Daphnia taxon composition in the oxbow lake Neuhofener Altrhein

Peters, Linda (Bachelor thesis): Molecular genetic analyses of the new genetic lineage I of the Daphnia longispina complex: comparison of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA

Böbel, Anne-Carina (Diploma thesis): Impact of environmental parameters on the genetic architecture of Daphnia galeata populations


Buckreus, Stefanie (Bachelor thesis): Räumliche Verteilung hybridisierender Daphnia-Taxa im Neuhofener Altrhein

Schmelzer, Alexandra (Bachelor thesis): Untersuchungen zum lichtinduzierten Schlüpfverhalten von Cladoceren

Nagel, Michaela (Bachelor thesis): Steigende Aggressivität invasiver Fallopia-Taxa durch Hybridisierung: genetische Untersuchung von Fallopia japonica s.l.-Beständen in Rheinland-Pfalz

Haaf, Sonja (Diploma thesis): Etablierung der Fast Micromethod zur Untersuchung gentoxischer Effekte an den Fischzelllinien RTG-2 und PAC-2


Frank, Jennifer (State examination thesis): Quantitative Erfassung der Benthosdiversität in Regenrückhaltebecken

Niehaus, Ingo (State examination thesis): Planktondiversität von Kleingewässern im Weinbaugebiet der Südpfalz


Detzer, Florian (State examination thesis): Der natürliche Genfluss von Daphnia-Populationen

Spengler, Philipp (State examination thesis): Die genetische Populationsstruktur von Daphnien

Knecht, Sarah Liesa (State examination thesis): Genetische Charakterisierung von Grundwassertieren: Artabgrenzung und evolutionäre Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse von Diacyclops languidoides

Deutsch, Vanessa (State examination thesis): Genetische Charakterisierung von Grundwassertieren: Phylogenie und Populationsstruktur von Diacyclops languidus