Research project

 SALIDRAAجوج - Salt in the system




Background and research objectives

An increasing expansion of arid regions (desertification) due to climate change can be observed worldwide. At the same time, the need for water for a growing population and intensified agriculture is increasing.
The Draa valley in southern Morocco is the gateway to the Sahara and is severely affected by this problem. Climate change, overuse of water resources and sinking groundwater levels are contributing to the salinisation of soils and water bodies. This affects the survival of local plant and animal species, reduces agricultural production and endangers human well-being.
The German-Moroccan research project SalidraaJuj makes use of the concept of social-ecological systems to understand the problem of increasing river salinisation on the basis of the case study in the Draa Valley and to develop solution strategies for sustainable water use that contributes to the protection of nature and humans.

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Duration:            April 2019 -March 2024

Funding:            Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)