Faculty College

Contents and Goals

The Faculty College Education and Environment promotes, bundles and develops the cooperation within the Faculty 7 at the interface between education and environment. The long-term goal of the college is the development of coordinated and interdisciplinary research projects up to the successful application of third-party funding, e.g. third-party funding at the German Research Foundation (DFG), by the successive construction of cooperation. Members of the Faculty College are research groups, in which several scientists, ideally from two or more different institutes, cooperate with each other.
Research groups are of a long-term nature, develop coordinative cooperation projects and contribute to the profile of the faculty (cooperation between the education and environmental science) by their goal setting and enhance the national and international visibility of the faculty by their research.

Up-to-date information

On Wednesday 28 May 2014 between 4 to 6 p.m. the “Market of Possibilities” takes place in room C IV 66 (former printing plant), where students could get information about the possibilities of collaboration in the projects (e.g. as part of a BA or MA thesis or as student assistant) at round tables.