First Days at University

Students from abroad will get all information throughout our Welcome Center.


At first, you have to enroll at our university. For this you need

  • a proof of health insurance,
  • a copy of your admission letter and
  • proof of semester contribution payment.

This step must be taken as early as possible in the semester (first week of October). Registration with university takes about one week after presentation of the necessary documents.

First steps at university

seminarWinter term usually begins at the 1st of October and ends at 31st of March. Lectures start on 26. October 2015 and end on 13. February 2016, but have a look at the exact dates here.

The week before lectures start is usually reserved for orientation week. It starts with a General Welcome day (in German) for all new students. There will be welcome and socializing events over the week as well as introductory talks about our university, programs and information for all students.
It is important that you attend the introductory talk about the Ecotoxicology Master Program.

Beside your course program there are further steps to take care of.

Email-account and user-ID

With the enrollment at the university you can get an university-email-account and an user-ID. This ID is important for several services at the university, e.g. using KLIPS, WiFi at the campus, access to the intranet of the university, access to computers in the computer room.

To get this account please check here or go to the office of the computer centre.

Ms. Schmitt
Building EI KG 014/19
Service hours
Mo.-Fr. 09:00 - 11:00
Mo.-Th. 13:00 - 15:00

Library Card

To apply for a library card, just go to the library reception during opening hours and apply for the card. Further information about the library can be found here.

Social services

Social service is available for all students and provides guidance and help for personal, social and economic problems. Please contact:

Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz
Stephanie Hinz: