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Well-suited training for current and future Ecotoxicologists

In a recent opinion paper in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment & Management, Harris et al. (the open access paper can be found here) identified the following requirements for the training of future Ecotoxicologists:

  • interdisciplinary training at the own university or at another institute or laboratory (see e.g. general learning target and AMEO module in the list of modules)
  • participation of business and government experts in academic research and guest lectures (see e.g. modules ETX5 Toxicology and Pharmacology and ETX9 Risk Assessment and Management in the list of modules)
  • training in the basic principles of test guidelines and QA and GLP regulations that are used in industry (see module ETX6 Methods in Ecotoxicology in the list of modules)
  • training that allows considering the potential regulatory impact of academic research throughout the research process (see e.g. modules ETX2 Principles of Ecotoxicology and ETX9 Risk Assessment and Management in the list of modules)

Landau's Master in Ecotoxicology program provides all of these skills and opportunities allowing students to become well-educated Ecotoxicologists suited to the current and future job market.