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Cognitive immunization as a maintenance factor of major depression

Period: Jan 20, 2021 - Jan 20, 2021
Status: laufend

In this project, we examine differences between healthy and depressed individuals regarding change of expectations in the light of expectation-disconfirming expectations. Research shows that healthy individuals are able to change negative expectations after gaining positive expectation-disconfirming experiences. Individuals with major depression, however, tend to maintain their negative expectations. To explain this phenomenon, we introduced the concept of cognitive immunization: individuals with major depression cognitively reappraise disconfirming evidence in such a way that expectations are maintained. Given that individuals experiencing depressive symptoms tend to engage in cognitive immunization strategies after unexpected positive experiences, cognitive immunization is considered to be a maintenance factor of major depression. Currently, we are examining how cognitive immunization can be inhibited in psychological interventions to modify dysfunctional expectations in major depression. Further, we are investigating whether cognitive immunization is associated with the occurrence of dysphoric mood. Ultimately, we are interested in whether cognitive immunization processes are more pronounced among individuals with chronic depression compared to episodic depression. Prospectively, we aim to examine whether healthy individuals and individuals with depression do not only differ in their responses to unexpectedly positive experiences, but also to unexpectedly negative experiences.

Project partner

Prof. Dr. Winfried Rief, University of Marburg
Dr. Thomas Gärtner, Schön Klinik Bad Arolsen


University of Marburg Research Funds


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Preregistration: Clinical Trials

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