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Anger and Self-Compassion in the context of acute and chronic pain

Period: Jan 16, 2021 - Jan 16, 2021
Status: laufend

Suffering from chronic pain implicates apart from physiological disability a high amount of psychological disability and distress. The perceived self-concept as “self with pain” leads to high self-criticism and self-hatred. Burdening emotions comprise depression, shame and anger. Empirical evidence shows the relevance of self-compassion in the context of these emotions. Self-compassion comprises three components: self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness. Research on chronic pain is promising yet limited. Self-compassion is associated with better pain-coping, pain-acceptance and quality of life, as well as reduced pain-related disability and burdening emotions. The first aim of this project is the provision of a clear definition of Self-Compassion in the context of (chronic) pain and pain-related constructs, such as Psychological Flexibility and Self-Esteem. The relevance of a short Self-Compassion-Intervention in experimentally induced pain will be evaluated. Moreover, a special group-therapy focusing on the development of self-compassion targeting anger in chronic pain will be developed and evaluated.


University of Landau Research Funds; Weiterbildungsstudiengang in Psychologischer Psychotherapie


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