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Self in Pain – How does self-discrepancy influence persistence of dysfunctional expectations?

Period: Jan 16, 2021 - Jan 16, 2021
Status: laufend

Many patients with chronic pain experience impairments in valued life tasks. They suffer from experiencing a discrepancy between their valued goals (ideal/ought self) and their actual attainment (actual self). This discrepancy leads to negative mood and stress. To reduce this negative state patients might avoid confronting themselves with their actual self and instead hold on to their former self-concept. Thus, they will engage in avoiding painful experience and potential damage instead of approaching further valued goals and accepting pain. The main goal of this project is to investigate motivational aspects of the self.

In next step interventions focusing on the self in order to enhance the effectiveness of CBT-based chronic pain treatments should be designed.


This project is a subproject of the Research Training Group (RTG, in German: Graduiertenkolleg GRK 2271 "Maintenance vs. change of expectations in the context of expectation violations" funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG). The overall aim of the RTG is to explore why and when organisms (humans and animals) modify or maintain generalized expectations in the face of adverse evidence. Fourteen PhD projects include a series of questions related to persistence of or change in expectancies in a variety of research areas (including clinical psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology and biological psychology). Sixteen Researchers ("Principal Investigators"), most of them from Marburg's Department of Psychology, participate in the RTG. More information about the researchers, the research program and the qualification program can be found on this website: .


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; Graduiertenkolleg 2271