Dominik Henrich

Doctoral Student
Visiting hours: on appointment
Ostbahnstraße 10 (2. OG, Büro 1); 76829 Landau

About me

I obtained my degree in Psychology in March 2012 and finished postgraduate studies in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in October 2018. In December 2013 I became an associate at the University Outpatient Clinic in Landau where I am still working today.

Since 2019 I am preparing a dissertation on psychotherapy training. I picked this topic because I found studying psychotherapy to be quite challenging. It made me curious about how therapists develop and how training can offer the best support.

In my dissertation I am now focusing on the use of video in psychotherapy supervision. I want to find out, which aspects of the video-supervision are most helpful or most hindering for students and supervisors.

Research interests

Training and development of psychotherapists

Use of video-recordings in supervision


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