Dr. Jenny Riecke

Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Marburg (Winfried Rief´s Research Group)

About me

I am Jenny Riecke – researcher in behavioral medicine, clinical practitioner, lecturer and mother of two children. As a researcher I am interested in improving psychological interventions for chronic pain patients. Strongly influenced by the Fear Avoidance Model of chronic pain I am investigating effects and mechanisms of exposure therapy. As a practitioner I also prefer exposure and experience based interventions. I mainly work with patients with chronic pain and/or posttraumatic stress disorders. Besides research and therapy I am happy to work with students and prospective therapists as a lecturer.

Research interests

Behavioral Medicine, chronic low back pain, fear avoidance, exposure in CLBP, learning mechanisms of exposure, optimizing CBT interventions for chronic pain patients, electronic health (eHealth)


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