Dr. Saskia Scholten

Postdoctoral Researcher
Visiting hours: on appointment
Ostbahnstraße 10 (3. OG, 3.1.07); 76829 Landau

About me

While psychotherapy research was caught in methodological procedures based on the medical illness model for a long time, clinical practice was based on individual case conceptualization. We are overcoming the medical illness model now and the question what works for whom is once again posed. As a post-doctoral researcher in Julia Anna Glombiewski's Pain and Psychotherapy Research Lab, I want to contribute to the answer to this question. For that reason, I explore whether we can implement functional analysis with means of ecological momentary assessment in a patient's everyday life and use the data to build a personalized process-oriented psychotherapy.

In my doctoral thesis, I examined the questions related to macro-social and cultural determinants of mental health and even though they are not the main focus of my research anymore, I am still ready to discuss sociopolitical issues anytime becasue they are everywhere anyhow.

Research interests


  • Clinical decision-making
  • Data-based case conceptualization
  • Development of psychotherapist trainees and evaluation of psychotherapist training
  • Negative effects in psychotherapy
  • Process-oriented individualized network-based therapy


  • Comparability of assessment instruments
  • Differences and comparability of symptoms, conceptualization, diagnostic, etiology and
  • treatment of mental disorders
  • Integrating qualitative and quantitative research methods


  • Relation between equality, freedom and wealth and mental health
  • Socioeconomic status and mental health (including treatment, therapy outcome etc.)
  • Subjective evaluation of macro-social determinants and mental health


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