July 03, 2019: Barbara Otto and Vanessa Lang received Best Teaching Awards. Great job!


June 25, 2019: It was announced that Verena Johann was selected for the Margret M. Baltes and Paul B. Baltes Award for outstanding dissertations in developmental psychology, awarded by the German Psychological Society (section Developmental Psychology). Congratulations Verena!



December 19, 2018: Lab Christmas party - happy holidays everyone!



November 13, 2018: Verena Johann has VERY successfully defended her Ph.D thesis („Executive functions and academic abilities in children: Relations and game-based training”). Congratulations, Dr. Johann!



October 01, 2018: Verena Johann has joined the MoBiLe project team as a postdoc! She is also a guest researcher at the IDeA Center Frankfurt. Happy to have you on board!



July 01, 2018: Ebru Baykara has joined the team - Welcome :) Ebru is an expert in cognitive neuroscience and aging.



June 11, 2018: Lab party with barbecue! Thanks Stephie for hosting a fabulous dinner :)



April 01, 2018: We have two new lab members! Nesibe Elibol accpeted a PhD position in the DFG project DELTA and Beate Biskup-Ackermann joins the Meta-EF project team! Welcome :)

 Bild-Elibol    BildBA


February 08-09, 2018: Meeting of the DFG-projekt MoBiLe in Leipzig! With Lenka Pokorná, Susanne Enke, Catherine Gunzenhauser, Henik Saalbach and Julia Karbach. Thank you for a great meeting!

MoBiLe Leipzig


December 13, 2017: Lab Christmas Party - Happy Holidays everyone!

Team 2017


December 04, 2017: New Special Issue on Enhancing Brain and Cognition Through Cognitive Training edited by Susanne Jaeggi, Tilo Strobach & Julia Karbach!

Book Enhancing Brain

November 20-21, 2017:
Meeting of the DFG project Meta-EF Train in Edinburgh! With Nic Chevalier, Lauren Hadley, Julie Anne Meaney, Candice Morey, Bonnie Auyeung, Simone Schäffner, Tanja Könen und Julia Karbach. Thank you very much for a productive meeting!

Meeting MetaEF


October 11-13, 2017: Kick-off meeting for the DFG-project MoBiLe in Landau! It was a pleasure to welcome Susanne Encke, Catherine Gunzenhauser and Henrik Saalbach from the University of Leipzig! Lenka and Susanne have launched the projects SPAZ and LINUS!



October 01, 2017: We are very happy to welcome 4 new awsome and excellent lab members! Tanja Könen has accepted a W1-professorship for Cognitive Developmet, Barbara Otto and Simone Schäffner join as postdocs and Lenka Pokorna as PhD student. Welcome everyone ! :)

Neue Mitarbeiter


July 28, 2017: New book! We are happy to announce the publication of our new book „Executive Function – Development Across the Lifespan“ edited by Sandra Wiebe and Julia Karbach!

Executive Function


July, 2017: Julia Karbach is now an Associate Editor for Psychological Research!

Psychological Research


June 14-17, 2017: Annual meeting of the DFG-project Meta-EF Train! Thanks Nicolas Chevalier, Lauren Hadley, Julie Anne Meany, Candice Morey, and Bonnie Auyeung for joining us in Frankfurt!

Bild News 02

Bild News 01



June, 2017: Julia Karbach has joined the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cognition!

Journal Cognition

April 1st, 2017:
The lab is moving again! After 2.5 years, we are saying goodbye to Frankfurt and hello to Landau! You will now find us in Landau, Fortstr. 7, Building H. Feel free to stop by and say Hello when you are around!



March, 2017: New project! We are very happy that the DFG decided to fund a new project! It was awarded to Tanja Könen for “Daily Dynamics in Working Memory Training: The Role of Daily Affect, Motivation, Stress, and Nightly Sleep for Training Success in Elementary School Children”. Congrats!


January, 2016: You can now find us on Facebook!



December 22, 2016: We are very happy that the DFG decided to fund a new project! It is a collaboration with Prof. Henrik Saalbach and Dr. Catherine Gunzenhauser at the University of Leipzig: „The role of language and executive processes for the cognitive and academic development of monolingual and bilingual elementary school children (MoBiLe)“.

December 22, 2016: Lab Christmas party! Happy holidays everyone!

Bild News 03


December 10-12, 2016: Kick-off meeting for the Meta-EF train project in Edinburgh! Thank you Nicolas Chevalier, Bonnie Auyeung, Lauren Hadley and Candice Morey for being such amazing hosts!

Bild News 04

Bild News 05


Bild News 06


November 23, 2016: New book! We are happy to announce the publication of our new book „Cognitive training: An overview of features and applications“ edited by Tilo Strobach and Julia Karbach featuring chapters by Tanja Könen (working memory training) and Julia Karbach (executive function training).

Cognitive Training


November 22-25, 2016: A very warm welcome to our guest Dr. Sandra Wiebe from the Alberta Brain & Cognitive Development Lab , University of Alberta (Canada)! Sandra will be giving a talk on „Cognitive flexibility in early and middle childhood: Executive function in context“ (Wednesday, November 23, 4-6 pm, Campus Westend, PEG 5.G170).

We also made sure she got a nice view over Frankfurt on top of the Main Tower :)

Bild News 07


October 13-14, 2016: The lab is joining the annual IDeA research center retreat featuring talks on the Meta-EF train project (Julia Karbach) and the BEU study (Christian Müller).

October 13, 2016: We have a new lab member! Dr. Frances Buttelmann is joining our group as a postdoctoral researcher. She is funded by the DFG (Project: Meta-EF train) and has previously worked in Budapest and Erfurt.

Bild Buttelmann


September 5-9, 2016: Summerschool of the priority program 1772 (Multitasking). Session on „Neurocognitive plasticity across the lifespan: Training interventions to improve multitasking and executive functions“ (Julia Karbach)

June 21-24, 2016: A very warm welcome to our guest Dr. Nicolas Chevalier from the University of Edinburgh, UK! Nic will be giving a talk on „Executive control development: Making sense of the environment to behave adaptively“ (Thursday, June 23, 4-6 pm, Campus Westend, PEG 5.G131).

He also joined us for lots of scientific discussions, some sightseeing, and a picnic :)

Bild News 08


June 2, 2016: Julia Karbach joins the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement!

Journal Cognitive Enhancement


January, 2016: We are very happy that the DFG and the ESRC decided to fund a new project! It is a collaboration with Dr. Nic Chevalier‘s lab at the University of Edinburgh, UK. „Supporting cognitive and academic development in children at risk: Metacognitive executive function training in children from low socioeconomic backgrounds (META-EF TRAIN)“ was funded as part of the ORA call 2015!