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01.10.2018: New Professor of Media Psychology New member of the Institute for Communication Psychology and Media Education: Stephan Winter has been appointed Professor of Media Psychology in Landau. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Persuasive Communication at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. His research investigates information selection and opinion formation in digital channels, for instance, regarding the question of whether the characteristics of social media foster motivated processing of news content and under which conditions people express their opinions publicly. Further research lines address self-presentation and interpersonal relationships in social media. More information about research and teaching can be found on the homepage of the chair group.

 14.05.2017: Congress of the empirical internship 2017 On May 4th, psychology students presented the results of their research at the Empra-Congress. In addition to a guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Mario Gollwitzer on "Revenge", the winners of this year's congress were presented. Corinna Kenngott, Karina Menn, Meike Silaghi, Mona Hofmann, and Tamara Schwinn, conducted by Caroline Marker, came up to the third place with their poster on "How sexually explicit content affects sexual satisfaction".

10.01.2017: MediaPsych2017, the 10th Conference of the Media Psychology Division of the German Psychological Society, will take place on September 6th to 8th, 2017.It will be hosted by the Universität Koblenz-Landau in Landau, Germany, and organized by Markus Appel, Tobias Rothmund and Uli Gleich. The division and the local organizers cordially invite you to come to Landau.
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23.03.2016: How does using Facebook influence our self-concept? Markus Appel, Constanze Schreiner, Silvana Weber, Martina Mara und Timo Gnambs went after this research question in their latest publication "Intensity Of Facebook Use Is Associated With Lower Self-Concept Clarity: Cross-Sectional And Longitudinal Evidence" (Journal of Media Psychology).

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15.03.2016: Visiting scholar at the Universtity of New South Wales. Prof. Dr. Appel is working as part of the project Narratives in health communication at the Center for Social Research in Health until April 2016.

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07.07.2015: "Wer bin ich? Wie sich Facebook und Co. auf unsere Selbstwahrnehmung auswirken" [Who am I? How Facebook and Co. affect our self-perception]. A Publication from Constanze Schreiner and Silvana Weber - (german publication)

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04.01.2015: "Mythos Twitter" [Myth of Twitter]. Dr. Mathias König, Dr. Wolfgang König and Michael Konrad - "Die Rheinpfalz" (german publication)

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15.12.2014: "Chancen und Risiken beim Einsatz von neuen Medien in der Psychotherapie" [Opportunities and risks in the use of new media in psychotherapy]. A Publication from Silvana Weber & Constanze Schreiner - (german publication)

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