Courses in English

General information on English as a teaching and learning language

Our study programs are mainly offered in German. Nevertheless, many courses can be held in English on request, even if not declared as such. For your active participation (e.g. in form of presenations, exams, etc.) English is fully acceptable.

We use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). More credits than listed below can be aquired by additional work, e.g. extra presentations or written contributions.

(Differences in number of credits for one course in the lists below are caused by different regulations in the study programs. You may contact the teaching staff directly in case of questions.)
Every semester courses of the following topics are being or can be held in English:
  • Module Environmental Psychology, M.Sc. Psychology, 3 courses, total 9 Credits (English module)
  • Module Cooperation and Conflict, Psychology, M.Sc., 2 courses, total 9 credits '(English on request)
  • Courses in....
    Media psychology
    Market and media research
    Organizational communication (internal and external comm.)
    Communication science (including always one course with focus on political communication and one on environmental issues)
    Practical empirical research (part of the Bachlor program in Psychology)
    Case studies (part of the Bachelor progam "Man and Environment")

In the University's course catalogue, english courses in psychology and communication are listed for each semester under a specific subheading (starting 2021).

You can find english courses in the entire course calatogue by using the search function "Language of instruction". Please select the appropriate term (summer/winter) as many courses are offered on an annual basis (e.g. each year in summer).

Listed in the following is an overview of the courses in psychology or psychology-related areas that are held in English. In most cases, the courses are offered on an annual basis.

Summer semester 2021

Winter semester 2020/21

Summer semester 2020

Summer semester 2019

Winter semester 2018/19

Summer semester 2018

Winter semester 2017/18

Summer semester 2017

Winter semester 2016/17

Winter semester 2015/16

  • Seminar Social Psychology (B.Sc. Psych.) - 2 ECTS
    One of four parallel groups will be held in EN. The seminar parallels the lecture and focuses on classical studies in social psychology. In small groups, students will be asked to read and present original empirical studies.
  • Perception and behaviour in the environemnt (M.Sc. Psych.) - 2 ECTS
    Part of the module "Man and environment" that is entirely offered in EN.
    Humans perceive their environment and act in it. They are influenced by it in various ways, on a physiological and on a psychological level. Contrariwise, humans form their environment to make it fit their needs. This module addresses the relationship between humans and environment on various levels. A focus will be put on the neurophysiological and psychological foundations of perception and action. Based on this, we will discuss how humans interact with the environment and how environmental factors affect behaviour and health. In a project seminar, selected topics will be addressed in the course of empirical studies

Summer semester 2015:

  • Seminar in General Psychology I (B.Sc. Psych.)
    The seminar will be held in English. It will focus on "cognitive illusions" of human thinking, memory, and judgment. Different illusions will be demonstrated in small class-room experiments, which are planned, conducted, analyzed, and presented by groups of students. Based on these demonstrations, we will discuss the theoretical background as well as potential practical implications.
  • The psychology of facebook (M.Sc. Psych.)

Winter semester 2014/15

Summer semester 2014