B.Sc. Psychology

Is Psychology right for you?

If you want to find out if the Bachelor Program in Psychology is right for you, click here (page in German).

Notice: Our Bachelor's study program is offered in accordance with the current legal framework for the qualification of psychotherapists that has undergone a legal reform in 2020.

Application for the Bachelor program in Psychology

Since the Winter Semester of 2013/14, candidates must apply for admission through the “dialogue-oriented service procedure” (DoSV). Interested students must first register on the w-ebsite hochschulstart.de and then apply for admission via the online application portal der Universität.
Candidates who have acquired their university entrance qualification in a country other than Germany must first send their application to uni-assist for screening. Please consider several weeks for this. For more information click here.

Orientation Week

At the beginning of the term, teachers introduce themselves to students during orientation week. Detailed information is provided for each subject in the course program, research activities are discussed, and students have the opportunity to ask questions. More information here.

Study Program

Since the winter semester 2009/10, the University of Koblenz-Landau has been offering the course program Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology. The Master Program (M.Sc.) in Psychology has started in the winter semester 2012/13.
Psychology is a scientific discipline which examines the experiences and the behavior of persons as a function of internal and external factors with the help of various methods. The study course also includes scientific and mathematic-statistical subjects. In the course of the program, empirically proven theories are applied to various fields of applied psychology.
The bachelor program as well as the subsequent master program comprise the two elements of academic training in psychology now offered in Landau. Both programs follow the recommendations of the German Association of Psychology (DGPs). Furthermore, our university has the right to award doctorate degrees; thus, if you are appropriately qualified, you can obtain your doctorate at our university.

Goals of the Bachelor Program (B.Sc.)

Students in the bachelor program in psychology acquire the specialized knowledge necessary to enter the professional field. After training, they should have a good overview of the major theories and be able to apply basic scientific methods and knowledge. The emphasis is on thorough knowledge of the basic principles of psychology as well as basic knowledge in applied fields of psychology (clinical psychology and prevention, educational psychology, business psychology, communication and media psychology) so that after finishing the bachelor program students can either enter the job market or continue their training in a master program that will further qualify them for their profession.

Professional fields and job opportunities

The study program qualifies you for the demands of today’s job market. Depending on the area of specialty, the tasks of a psychologist include planning, assessment and testing, counseling, therapy, teaching, management, rehabilitation and resocialization, doing research, supervising, etc. The bachelor of science in psychology provides the foundation for numerous exciting professional opportunities such as:
  • Research: for example, scientist in universities or research institutions
  • Clinical Psychology: for example, therapist in a clinic or in private practice
  • Work, industrial, and organizational psychology: for example, personnel development expert or business consultant
  • Educational psychology: for example, school counselor/advisor or advisor for further training
  • Communication and media psychology: for example, market researcher, media or advertising researcher, communication consultant